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About Us

1. What is the Alberta Municipal Enforcement Association?

  The AMEA is a non-profit professional association of municipal enforcement agencies in Alberta serving over 300 members since 1980.

  The Association strives to enhance and promote the profession of Municipal & Bylaw Enforcement through education, training and collaborative interaction. The objectives of the AMEA are as follows:

  • To bring together Municipal Enforcement Officers throughout Alberta for the purpose of mutual cooperation and assistance in the establishment of standards of enforcement in their respective fields.

  • To assist in the solution of common problems and internal or external enforcement related matters by means of open discussion and committee study.

  • To promote closer official and personal relationships between the Association Members and Law Enforcement Officials and head of interested Government Agencies.

  •  To respond with immediate co-operation at any level in the event of a local or national emergency.

  •  To promote and further high ethical standards among the Members.

  • To promote and further the high standards of public relations for and on behalf of Municipalities represented by the members.

  •  To provide a resource for membership and outside agencies to access common information that has been reviewed and approved by the Association.

2. Who belongs to AMEA?

  Agencies throughout Alberta from various spheres of municipal and bylaw enforcement belong to the AMEA. The AMEA has 3 types of membership:

Regular Member - open to any person actively engaged in the Association and duly appointed as a Municipal Enforcement Officer, a Bylaw Enforcement Officer or a Community Peace Officer. Only regular members have voting privileges and can serve on the executive. Regular Members include includes development compliance officers, urban park rangers, parking enforcement officers, animal control officers, waste water control inspectors, etc.

Associate Member - is extended to any person, who, while not a Municipal Enforcement Officer, a Bylaw Enforcement Officer or a Community Peace Officer, is directly involved or actively interested in the objectives of the Association. Associate Members do not have voting privileges and cannot serve on the executive

Honorary Member - may be extended by the Executive to any person who was a regular member for five years and/or served on the Association Executive. Honorary Members do not have voting privileges and cannot serve on the executive.

3. Why belong to the AMEA? Agencies seeking expertise find the AMEA to be an excellent resource when developing new programs or enhancing their current enforcement programs. We offer our membership:

  • A platform for municipal agencies to form meaningful professional relationships with other enforcement agencies with similar goals and experiences.

  • Specialized training opportunities, not available elsewhere, at a reasonable cost.

  • An annual week long conference with a wide variety of training and networking opportunities.

  • A quarterly newsletter to update members.

  • A website complete with an online Forum.

  • An employment posting on our website that highlights opportunities province-wide.

  • A recognition program that includes a Long Service Medal, Outstanding Officer Award and Leadership Awards.

4. Do we offer a variety of courses? Yes. Each year, the AMEA seeks out new and exciting courses and speakers for our annual spring conference and fall training. Some examples of the courses we offer are:

Officer Safety Training
Mock Court
Bylaw Drafting
Media Relations
Disaster Preparedness
Illegal Development

Ethics & Communications for

Enforcement Investigating Serious &

Fatal Dog Attacks Dealing with

Untidy, Unsightly Properties Back to

Basics MGA Orders &

Documents Community Standards Bylaw

5. What are the association fees?

$75 per year, per member


6+ Members $450 total. 

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